Buy Records and CDs

Buy Records
and CDs

The shop is now open at 203 Deptford high street!

We offer a great selection of second hand/pre loved vinyl, collected and curated over many years covering a wide set of genres.

We will put out new stock everyday, all records checked for condition and priced accordingly, and we perform a monthly price down which means there will often be great deals to be had and always plenty of stock rotation.

We have a beautiful vintage professional loricraft audio record cleaning machine, which we use to deep clean our best records with L’art du son cleaning fluid, which gives a significant improvement both visually and sonically, and we always replace damaged inner sleeves.

We put a great emphasis on the quality of the audio equipment provided to the customers. To this end, we use high quality headphones, headphone amplifiers and turntables/cartridges/styluses for our listening booths. We also provide a bluetooth headphone set to listen to the rare records we have in stock so that they remain untouched and in the best possible condition.

We want our valued customers to have the best audio experience. We will encourage everybody to take their time at Upside Down records, and enjoy the experience, the culture, a coffee as well as bagging yourself a few special pieces of vinyl.

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